Bayu Samudiyo

Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Trade Marketing, Business Analyst


In MI, Bayu Samudiyo acts as a Managing Director. He has more than 18 years experiences in Sales and Marketing Field Area. Currently, Bayu does various business and conglomeration national project in Indonesia. Previously, Bayu had ever been responsible for Marketing area starting from Astra Graphia, Gillete Asia Pacific, Coca-Cola, Philip Moris Indonesia, Excelcomindo, and the last position was Marketing Director of First Media.


His achievements were helping XL products to be the highest Top Of Mind (TOM) in 2007, and achieved “highest gross add” by having additional 6 millions new XL Prepaid  subscribers in Dec 2007.


In terms of experiences, Bayu really understands about the Indonesia consumers in the last 5 years deeply, such as Customer Preferences, Price Sensitivity, Advertising, Consumer Behaviour, Trade & Retail Preferences, Market research and involved in many business consultant projects at some multi national companies.


Bayu had been graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Economic Law and Trisakti University  majoring in  Electronic and Telecommunications. Then, he accomplished  his MBA degree at Monash University, Australia specialized in General Economic.