BudiĀ Hamonangan

Expertise: Media Research, Public Affairs, Communication Strategy


Budi Hamonangan acts as a Co-Chairman who support the SUG Team in developing Corporate and Marketing Communication include Public Relation Strategy. Currently, He has been active in several industries such as media (radio and TV), research, and pharmaceutical. He also actives as Part-time lecturer for communication and journalism subjects. Developing his own knowledge and enrich his student skill is one of his passions.


He had extensive experience in field of Media, TV, and Broadcast for 20 years as Manager, Monang has worked for various agencies before joining the company. During his career, Monang has proven his capabilities in collecting information and get the market insight from various media.


His experiences in media were Singapore Radio as a Broadcast Journalist Manager, BBC, ANTV, and Trans TV with the last was at senior position.