Competitor Profiling and Tracking




SUG has enhanced our approach and methodology in order to help you with the latest intelligence on your competitors. When you’re looking to enter a new market to grow your share, the knowledge about your competitors is very important and critical to make you win the competition.


How deep is your understanding about your competitors? How are their senior management’s capabilities? Where are their strategic directions? And how are their product strength and weakness? Hence, a detail competitor profile is an important to outmaneuvering your rivals.


To address the above questions, MI-SUG will deliver (with our Best Estimates), the following deliverables:

  • Strategy and business objectives
  • Business performance (Sales, Revenue, Market Share)
  • Key Customers and Key suppliers
  • Products and services Offered
  • Resources and capabilities
  • Promotional Activities
  • Online activities


By having the above knowledge and understand the competitive situation, those profiles can be used as a basis to monitor and to track your competitors effectively.