Four Ways of Digital Marketing Strategy

30 Oct Four Ways of Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you really want to get the result from digital marketing strategy? Of course, it has to be managed well and can’t done just like what you want. Here, you can learn about digital marketing strategy and try to apply it one by one continuously.

First, you can start your marketing by using instagram. This social media is a good media to promote your business. This concerning to the fact that this platform has been done by over 200 million active users.

Second, to optimize your marketing intelligent, definitely you have to use Facebook. At least, you will have 5000 contacts and it will be great to expand your business. To boost the result, you can use paid promotion on Facebook. In this case, you just need to spend for about $5.00 to get specific customers.

Third, you can also attract your customer by using email marketing. It is good because you can create personal communication with your customers.

Fourth, you can also use Twitter because this platform has great users worldwide. Definitely, those four strategies can be done in Indonesia because internet users grow significantly in this country. It is not an instant way to develop your business but it brings you to significant impact in the future.