The Benefits and Risks of Business Partnering

22 Oct The Benefits and Risks of Business Partnering

Can you imagine if two most important providers of service become a partner? Actually, this kind of partnering will be done by The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere. Their CEO, Jan Twombly as well as Lorin Coles will be featured hosts. They are announced their partnering at the Chief Strategy Office Summit. This great event will be held in New York City, 2nd and 3rd December of 2014.

For your information, partnering is considered as marketing intelligent in which can give positive impact to both of the companies. On the other hand, the problem of business partnering is on the way to make a decision. If the decision is being made is great, so partnering will bring great benefits for the companies. On the other hand, partnering can also lead the company to badly allocated resources and failed relationship. As the result, it attacks the financial and even reputation damage.

In fact, there are data which stated that 50% of calculated partnering effort is not what they are expected on the beginning. To limit this kind of negative impact, they are saying that it is great for business doers to use tactical approach to manage their partnering. Actually, this advice can also be applied by business owners in Indonesia who want to be a partner.

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